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Barcoded Blood Transport Bags


Having the ability to record accurate data at the collection and delivery points for laboratory specimens offers endless benefits. PM Strategic Sourcing have launched the DataBag product that allows the data to be recorded in a speedy and effective manner.

Barcoded Blood Transport Bags

The DataBag is a co-extruded polythene transport pouch that incorporates a sequential barcode. The pouch can be made in a size to suit your exact needs and printed on the front and reverse with your own bespoke requirements. The strong self-adhesive closure seals the samples in the pouch during transit. The multi ply material is not only totally opaque offering 100% confidentiality but also has a high puncture resistance. The leak proof pouch can have absorbent pads inserted in order to conform to UN3373 legislation.

The samples are placed in the DataBag, sealed and the barcode is scanned at the collection point by the courier which records the time, date, driver ID and location. The scanning is repeated on arrival at the destination. This data can then be used to ensure delivery performance criteria is met and more importantly maintained. Individual collection routes and drivers can be monitored and service performance data can be reported back to the client offering them the peace of mind that their samples are being transported in the most efficient manner.

The format of the sequential barcode can vary to suit the format of the operational software.

We are able to offer a number of Motorola hand held scanning options that would be carried by the drivers in order to scan the pouches at the various collection points. Data would be recorded on these devices and downloaded at the end of the route to a database.

Handheld Barcoded Scanner

In conjunction with our software partners, Dakota Integrated Solutions, we are able to offer a total solution to your track and trace requirements. Customised software can be designed that will offer the following features:

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