1. Cryogenic Labels

Cryogenic Labels

The low temperature challenge, solved with PMSS cryogenic labels.


Our cryogenic labels are ideal for identification of metal and stainless steel racks in freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks. Suitable temperature range: from -196°C to +100°C

Glove-friendly cryogenic labels for metal containers and equipment. Laser Labels. Available on 25mm and 76mm cores. Printing via thermal-transfer barcode printers, and also available in some A4 sheet formats for printing via laser printer.

Identification of stainless steel, aluminium and other metal containers in freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks is a significant challenge. PMSS Cryogenic labels are specifically designed for applying to stainless steel racks, cassettes and other metal containers for cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen storage.

The labels are made of a thermoplastic film and coated with a glove-friendly cryogenic adhesive. The labels remain strongly attached to stainless steel, aluminium, painted metal, powder coated metal, iron and other metal surfaces during a long-term storage inside a liquid phase liquid nitrogen, vapour phase liquid nitrogen, freezers (-120°C, -80°C, -40°C and -20°C), dry ice, freezer chamber, freezer room and other extreme cold environments.

PMSS cryogenic labels can be used for identification of freezer racks, cryogenic racks, freezer cassettes, cryogenic cassettes, X-ray film cassettes, film cans for archiving in cryogenic vaults and other stainless steel and aluminium boxes, drawers, sleeves and canes for cryogenic straws, tools, equipment and metal objects inside freezers, freezer rooms, liquid nitrogen tanks and, liquid helium.

We provide a large selection of different sizes of cryogenic labels. Use of these labels facilitates the identification of the racks and containers inside the storage. They can be applied on the top of the racks to visually identify desired racks without pulling out and can be applied on the sides of the rack for easy identification of the freezer box locations inside the rack.

The labels can be printed with all standard brands of thermal-transfer printers such as Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Intermec, Cognitive, Citizen, and other barcode printers. We also the ribbons to suit all UK sourced thermal transfer printers.

Cryogenic labels suitable for Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and NHS use.
Cryogenic labels suitable for Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and NHS use.
A4 Cryogenic labels for printing suitable for Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and NHS use.
A4 Cryogenic labels for printing suitable for Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and NHS use.

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