This innovative specimen bag is manufactured from an HDPE film that offers a high level of puncture resistance. all of our specimen bags can be printed to suit your bespoke needs. We offer two options for any additional paperwork that accompanies the sample whilst in transit.

Firstly, we can apply a peelable adhesive strip to the back of the bag that will allow a request form to be attached, this can easily be removed on arrival if scanning is required.

Secondly, we are now offering this style of bag with the addition of a clear pocket for the request form. Samples of this product are now available on request from one of the  NHS Sales Team, call us on 01625 432094

If needed, the addition of unique sequential barcode numbering can be added to the bag if a greater level of tracking is required. More information on our GS1 Certified Tracit360 track and trace solution is available by watching the product on the video page on this website.


Incorporated within the design of this new specimen bag we have included “easy open” tabs . This feature greatly assists with the opening of the bag in the laboratory. There is now NO need for the lab technician to use either scissors or a knife to gain access to the sample. Open the bag with one simple movement and reduce the risk of lab technicians suffering from RSI having struggled to open multiple number of bags.


The new edge to edge internal adhesive seal ensures the bag offers a leakproof seal whilst the specimen is in transit. No more annoying spillages or lost samples as the vial is securely contained within the bag. Spillages cost time, money and mostly annoyingly require additional sample collections. This new bag removes those costly issues.

Coloured films are available if required in various film thicknesses. Our NHS sales team are on hand to discuss all the options available to you and can be contacted on 01625 432094.