Working with our business partner; Zebra Technologies, we are introducing an innovative range of colour change environmental sensor labels. These labels address the challenging issue of monitoring either excessive temperatures or levels of humidity during the manufacturing, storage or transport stages of a product’s life cycle.

The sensors ensure product quality and minimize product waste with a clear colour change indication. Zebra’s ZeOn-demand Printable Indicators make the invisible instantly visible, providing an additional layer of information throughout the supply chain from proper processing to final delivery.

ZeOn-demand Printable Indicators provide an environmental indicator on a thermal printable label to empower frontline workers with clear visual cues to verify asset conditions. Personnel can see whether items have been adequately maintained, potentially compromised, or properly processed. Simply print asset identification data alongside the environmental indicator that meets your needs to provide an all-in-one solution for effective workflows.

Whether you monitor high-heat manufacturing processes, maintain an environment for food product quality, work with steam sterilization processes, or check exposure during transport, you can rely on the clear visual cues ZeOn-demand offers. Zebra ZeOn-demand Printable Indicators are the answer you need to get critical asset and environmental information.

Zebra Printing Temperature Indicator Label
Zebra Printing Humidity Indicator Label
Zebra Printing Steam Sterilisation Indicator Label